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Educational Background

Jack is a Senior Theatre major in his seventh year at DSA. He was formerly a Movie Maker in the Video Cinema Arts Program at Denver School of the Arts, until switching to theatre in his second year. Jack is the director of a student led, student created non-profit, "Generation Ocean" And plans to pursue Environmental and conservational studies in college.

Personal Background

Jack Zweck-Bronner was born in Denver and has lived in Colorado his whole life. He has an older sister, Carson, who is in veterinary school, and lives with his parents, Steve and Julie, Jack has passions for politics and nature, all his life he has sought ways to prevent climate change, whether through making a mobile lemonade stand when he was 10, to Creating a non-profit.



Who i Am

Jack has loved theatre from a young age and performing is just one of his many passions. Jack loves educating people and challenging himself to strive for more.



High School/Middle School          DSA Theatre           2014-present                           Brandon Becker/Shawn Hann

Voice Lessons                               Private Studio        March 2013-present                Rebecca Koenigberg

Audition Workshop                       DCTA                   December 2013                       Jessica Austgen

Acting Lessons                              Private/MACC      November 2013                       Kelly McAllister

Puppetry Unit                                DSA                       Fall 2013                                 Cori Gilstrap/Ed Glassman

Young Filmmakers Workshop      Sie Film Center      July 2013                                Scott Kinnamon

Theatre Makeup Class                  DSA                        Fall 2012                                Cheryl Ginsberg /Amy McGrath

Performance Experience:

Melancholy Play                           Ensemble                                DSA/Allison Watrous                      Nov. 2017

The Learned Ladies                      Ariste                                      DSA/Shawn Hann                            Feb. 2017

The Yellow Wallpaper                  Party Guest/Dr. Luigi u/s        DSA/Brandon Becker                      Jan. 2017

The Producers                              Stormtrooper Rolf/Kevin u/s   DSA/Shawn Hann                           Sept. 2016

Flowers for Algernon                   Burt/Frank/Various                 DSA/Brandon Becker                      Feb. 2016

Annie Jr.                                       Bert Healy/Servant                  DSA/Shawn Hann                           April 2015

Hairspray                                     Youth  Council                        DSA/Shawn Hann                            Sept. 2014

Senior Vocal Recital                    Pugsley/The Addams Family  DSA/Rebecca Koenigberg               April 2014          

Beauty and the Beast                    Enchanted Object/Villager      DSA/Shawn Hann                            Sept. 2013

Harry Potter/ Goblet of Fire        Harry Potter                             MACC/Shelly Bordas                      Aug. 2011

Harry Potter/ Sorcerer’s Stone    Harry Potter/Cloaked Person   MACC/Shelly Bordas                      June 2009

Children’s Choir                           Vocalist                                   Central Presbyterian/H. Jergensen   2007-2009

Community Service:

Equipment Donation                    Generation Ocean                    A. Miller                                           June 2017

Toy Drive                                     Toys for Tots                           T. Edwards                                        Dec. 2011

Volunteer at Retirement Home    Boy Scouts                              H. Brackett                                         2009                          

Special Talents:

Sing (Tenor), accents, horror makeup, photography, filmmaking, editing, directing, green belt karate, rock climbing, snowboarding, lacrosse, certified scuba diver.



Kelly McAllister                       Acting Coach                            

Rebecca Koenigberg                 Vocal Instructor                        

Scott Kinnamon                         Film Instructor                         



For More info click https://dsatheatre.org/

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